Clomid Challenge Test Results Infertility or What is Normal?

The Clomid challenge is quite sensitive test  because of it is use to measure the ovarian reserve and generally it conduct at the level when the FSH level is about 10 to 15 mlU/ml, and the estradiol level should be greater than 65 measured in units of pg/ml. there is another test which has quite related mechanism is the Clomiphene Citrate challenge test.

This test is mainly performed essentially when the women is crossed the age of 35. The HRC in the ladies that is about 38 years and older than it is absolute that how they can make their cycle at day 3 level. This will be the identification of the fact that patient would have ovarian dysfunction.

Why is the need to conduct Clomid challenge test?

The clomid test is basically a fertility test and sometimes it is performed before the 4F treatment. The main idea behind it to be conducted is to check that whether your body is responding or faviourable to fertility drugs and ovarian stimulations since the 4f test is an expansive treatment. In the sense of physical and emotional means that by performing this test before you began the treatment may be helpful that it cause to overcome your disappointment, lost of your precious time and money as well.

May doctor say for Clomiphene Citrate challenge test?

The phenomenon behind to conduct the Clomiphene Citrate challenge test mainly is to evaluate the quality and quantity of eggs as well, that your ovaries takes. When you consult the doctor for the test of ovarian reserves that this is the time when the doctor recommend you to take the test to evaluate that how healthy and how many of the eggs are there.


Procedure to conduct Clomid test:

Here are the following steps that how this test works actually or conducts.

  1. The patients that have such issue about fertility they have to sign a clomid consent form, which includes the possible side effect before starting the proper medication.
  2. The patients who are HRC on day one of the flow of menstrual flow or there would be no spotting or it may be the start of week or may be at the end of the week.
  3. The patient may call to the office to drawn their blood to check the Estradiol level and to check the Harmon level with the chart of simulating.
  4. Patient would begin to clomid in the fraction of 100 mg per day. This will be drawn on two chart 50 mg on each chart and then taken together to check the average.
  5. The tables on the charts are then drawn to the chart in the repeated cycle.


There are some main things that decrease the ovarian reserve (DOR). There are some mainly consequences that are reproductive they make the risk increase, these are infertility, miscarriage,  maternal and fetal complications in pregnancy(which are due to the fact of mismanagement in the habits and eating habits ), problems in babies (arise due to the inheriting) effects.

So these wore  some of the information about the Clomid Challenge Test hope these will give you some useful knowledge about this test and will be quite helpful for you.

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