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Effect of Antibiotics on Menstrual Cycle

Antibiotic effect body in a way that it can effect menstrual cycle. The mechanism that deals with that is go through a path, antibodies interfere body mechanism directly on chorionic gonadotrophine hormone (HCG). It because little shedding on the uterus that directly delays period. The main cause of this is that the available estrogen is reduced and it cause a change in cycle may be irregularity.

As it is the case that in first two weak of the menstrual cycle the thing that grows is follicle and there is also some initial production of hormone in estrogen. At this stage the other thing that is moving forward is lining of endometrial thicker. Check out


So when the ovulation estrogen starts joining the progesterone with small duct to the corpus luteum, this make a linking between endometrium densor and matures. In this mechanism the key point is that the estrogen is not only metabolized by liver, but the other thing that is contributing to this is recirculation of the liver and gut.

How Antibodies Effect Menstrual Cycle?

So we have just illustrated the mechanism that how this cycle associated to the body, but the thing is that in which way antibodies are going to affect or irregular these menstruation cycle. As we know that antibodies effects on the estrogen metabolism directly, there are two ways that estrogen metabolism displace or disordered.


  1. The first gate way that most of the antibodies take is that they change the supply or reduce it to the blood; this irregular supply is the cause of irregularity in the cycle.
  2. The other reason that some of antibodies produce that, diarrhea like symptoms in a way they change the gut flora. The change in the gut flora cause huge excretion through the gut. So this impact that there is a less time for the reabsorption of the estrogen and it also effect the circulation of entero-hepatic, this also reduce the level of estrogen in the blood cause irregularity.

Factor Involving Change the Regular Period

There is another effect of antibodies that it makes the progestin level changing that include in oral contraceptive pills. Estrogen is the basic or effective ingeridient in these pills and the work that antibodies do is that they change the factor or make change in body in a way that how it is going to be absorb in blood, mainly the absorbent of estrogen controls the cycle, the antibodies just include a little changing’s in his level and irregularly directly depends upon the factor of changing this level. So the best thing is that you must consult a medical adviser if you are taking antibodies

Here the basic aim of this article from is that to give you a sound knowledge about antibodies that you can deduct information to the topic that how Antibiotic effect on menstrual cycle. Hope these things will give you some help in dealing with medicine and with your cycles.

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