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Healthy hcg diet plan Food list

The basic thing that need to be understand is the meaning of healthy hcg diet plan and to follow the key way that definitely helps you for the desire results. There are a lots of people whom have to suffer with these kind of issues that they are not having or find those desired results that a diet plan menu should give. So the main thing is to have brief knowledge about the food list of hcg diet.

Before closing any food list diet menu the thing that need to be find or deduct that, why to take a certain type of diet plan and the second one is the main thing or ingredients from those a diet plan is conducting or have produced. In the hcg diet plan there are two major factors that lead to take this diet for weight lose. So the rule that should be apply in choosing any diet plan is also applied on the hcg food list , which is why to take hcg food plan.

So the HCG food plan includes ingredient that consist anecdotal. The benefit of anecdotal is that it helps to make the stomach hunger down which is the key tool in every healthy easy recipes for pregnancy. The word healthy doesn’t mean that you are calling every fat body is an healthy body, but the ideal body that is not much fat or nor less is termed as healthy and fit body.

The hcg diet is not a low (LCD)calories diet plan but it is a diet plan that will ensure your eating habits to make possible weight lose. Low calories food such as 500 calories diet plans have some effects on your over weight but they can never do as well as HCG diet plan, because in low calories food plan you have to work or push yourself a lot to reject foods and you are not going to have or find any help from the food that will not going to give you any benefit to reduce your weight.

Here is the HCG food plan that will definitely helps you to make a visual weight loss in less time. We have divided this diet plan into two phases, the first one is initial phase and the second is final phase.

initial hcg diet plan phase 1:

the initial diet is the starting food in HCG that is needed in this food plan to make change the habit of stomach from the food that has been taken in routine. In these phase we allow to eat any food that one like with a prescription that to just reduce the limit or make an effort that one can by him/herself to keep body normal. The food may include bacon, fish, cheese, burger, ice cream and other tings that has to be stop in any ordinary diet restricted mechanism. The reason behind this is just to save enough calories for the second low calories phase.

Final phase hcg diet plan:

The second and final phase of hcg is generally called as the low calories food phase in this phase you have to take diet with prescribe chart as.

In breakfast: the breakfast must start with tea, coffee, lemon coffee and other morning drinks that should hot and low sugar. And the most essential thing is only a little amount of milk is required in 24 hours.

In lunch: in the lunch the food should include ingredients are green leaf vegetable, chicken breast fresh wight fish

In dinner: for the dinner you have to take food that contain protein, have food that contain enzymes and vegetable salad is necessary, a teaspoon of coconut oil, take apple cider vinegar.

So these were the importance and brief description of hcg diet plan Food list that is essential to those that are ambitious to lose weight in small time. Hope taking these descriptions you can conduct your desire results.

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