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when should i take pregnancy test?

From the first day you missed the periods, you can take pregnancy test. You will definitely know the exact date of periods if you have regularity in periods. But if you are not sure about your next period then after the 21 days of unsafe sex you can do a test of pregnancy.

The clomid pregnancy test will let you know that you are pregnant or not. Before the missing of periods some sensitive tests can be used. There are many other fertility treatments from which it can be possible to have positive result to the pregnancy test. Such as frozen embryonic treatment is one of the best treatment that can make the fertility positive.

The presence of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin in your urine is checked by these tests. After the implantation of embryo the regular HCG is produced. There is enough HCG in your urine after you conceive.

The egg is released from ovaries after 14 days of periods and it can live for 12 to 24 hours. So a sperm can fertilize the egg only within this duration. Sperm can live for seven days so if you have sex seven days before your ovulation then you can conceive.

  • Urine test can be done at home or clinic. Mostly women take home pregnancy test after a missed period.

  • Blood tests are done at doctor’s clinic, but these are less used than urine test. These tests can detect pregnancy earlier but it will take time to give results.

If your test is positive on the first day you missed the period it means you are two weeks pregnant. A negative result is not reliable you must repeat it.

So the aim of this article is to give you the brief information about the fact that when should i take pregnancy test. Hope these information will make you to chose the best possible decision.

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