providing a full range of health care service to women mainly about the childbirth. An international community about two years ago started village prenatal. They have sole purpose to gather the selfless service to support encourage the difficulties of women that are going through the pregnancy. Generally the term used as the natural pregnancy that every women want.

Midwife nurse-midwife-salary

The art of the midwife is the care with an art from combining the guideline of healing hand of one of the trusted adviser and combine with today knowledge of science and medicine. Mainly a midwife care is based upon the basic ideology of a women that central decision taken by her in the matter of her birth and the child. Midwifes plays an important role In the life of pregnant women as a collaborated partner. If the lady with you have a good training and knowledge to pass through the unique situations individually than it may take your task towards an easy and smother path. It should be her goal to make well health and as well being of the mother and newborn. The lady contain with her bunch of things that include resources, wisdom and highly professional training that make sure the safety to the path of pregnancy.

So as you visit the midwife, at the first visit you have to take a comprehensive theoretical medical history for example the things like blood-pressure and triples in some cases you will able to see a doctor. If the condition is that you are having a medical obstetrician, she can make arrangements for prenatal testing that may you have to do or she does not do herself.